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Workshop Vintage will be in the workshop more frequently in the coming year, working on our NAM JAM label, as well as on our WSV leather goods label, and also styling sessions. It's important to us to stay connected to our community, guests, and admirers - so WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU! If you have any thoughts or requests regarding services or WSV label goods, please email us at info@workshopvintage.com.

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Portland bitters maker Genevieve Brazelton, founder of The Bitter Housewife and RAFT Syrups, will show you easy to make simple, yet impressive cocktails for holiday entertaining (or for your own solo cocktail needs). 

You’ll learn how to use bitters, syrups, and seasonal fruit to create an elegant punch and a champagne cocktail bar. We’ll also demystify the art of batching cocktails.

Drink while you learn and shop with special event discounts after! Sign-up here or give us a ring for the two-ticket or more special discount! 1(503) 206-5813.

$35 single/ $28 when you purchase two or more (call for promo)
December 12th
7:00 pm - 9:00pm Workshop Vintage 4011 N Williams Ave. Portland Oregon